Phacoemulsification System

Micro Incision Cataracy Surgery system


  • World's Most Compact Phacomemulsifcation System.
  • CO_MICS Phaco System.
  • 5.7" TFT Display With Touch Screen.
  • Multi Functional Fool Pedal.
  • Four Crystal Titanium Phaco Handpiece.
  • Real Time Constant Power Delivery.
  • Adjustable Pulse Width Enables Cold Phaco .
  • Light Weight and Long Life Phaco Handpiece.
  • Maintanins Constant Power Irrespective of Load Conditiond.
  • Micro Pulse and Hyper Burst Phaco Modes.
  • Software Based Surge Suppression System.
  • Electrical Vitrectomy Cutter.